About Us

In 2019 my daughter asked me for a dolls house – having a love for wood and craftmanship – I was excited to create a dolls house fit for any Barbie doll – but then the problem arose of furnishing it!

Many items we shopped around for we made of cheap plastic, and the wooden ones we did find were stuck together with glue – and my daughter does not play on the delicate side of things and lots of furniture ended up being broken.

So I set about putting my skills to good use and furnishing the house for her, making items that were glued, drilled and screwed together – finally something that could withstand being dropped off a table – I have even seen a bed come tumbling down the stairs and still suffer no damage.

So now after many requests our business was born – providing high quality and sturdy furniture for 6th scale dolls houses – that children can actually play with without fear of them being broken.

Hight Quality

Our doll house furniture is built to last - we ensureall items are sturdy at the time of construction

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We can make anything for you that you would like for you dolls house - just ask!

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